Detente Detente

Conscious Business Advising

Executive Advising and Mentoring

Dètente helps business leaders evolve to Inspired Leadership, including:

  • How to be an Inspired Leader and what that means
  • Leading, decision making, and mentoring employees
  • Developing a Higher Purpose for a business
  • Implementing the Conscious Business culture within an organization
  • How to optimize value for all interdependent stakeholders and owners
Although many Thought Leaders are discussing Conscious Business and operating their companies accordingly, most people have never heard of Conscious Business or have any understanding of how it can benefit their organization.

What makes Dètente unique is we educate and advise companies on “how to” incorporate Conscious Business into their companies such as:

  • Defining Conscious Business
  • Identifying the benefits of Conscious Business
  • Implementing Conscious Business practices
  • Demonstrating what Conscious Business looks like in the real world and how it can help companies operate more efficiently and effectively
  • Articulating the action steps and strategies an executive or owner can use in their business
  • Strategic planning and vision setting
  • Identifying and implementing environmental sustainability plans and connection to resources
  • Creating and suggesting philanthropy programs
  • Educating executives and management on inspired leadership, motivation, efficiency, communication, and reducing employee turnover rates
  • Qualifying for Dètente's Certified Conscious Business Approval and why that is relevant in our expanding socially-conscious world

A Conscious Business can be defined as:

  • Purpose driven
  • Inspired leadership
  • Altruistic
  • A highly functioning, collaborative organization
  • Investing in employee growth and development
  • Developing and encouraging creativity
  • Serving the highest good for all
  • Fulfilling a higher purpose
  • Philanthropic
  • Sustainable and eco-conscious
  • Corporate citizenship
  • A culture of optimism

The benefits of Conscious Business include:

• Maximized profits – Conscious Businesses perform 10X better than other companies
• An inspired corporate culture that supports the world
• Resolution of the current branding and public relations problems that plague many corporations
• Trust and security in corporate systems
• Effective and conscientious corporate power
• Enlightened executives, managers, and employees