Detente Detente

Facilitate a Healthier, More Affordable, Choice-Driven U.S. Food Supply

This year we are specifically focused on expanding Conscious Business in the area of domestic food supply. Recent statistics recount that in the United States one in three children are obese, and one in four do not have access to nutritious food adequate to sustain a healthy life.

Incidents of cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses are continuing to rise. We believe that giving people affordable access to foods that are not contaminated with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and processed sugars can significantly alleviate our country's health crisis.

We believe that if more food companies operated under the tenets of Conscious Business, the nation would be more equipped to maintain a food supply that supports the health and well being of its consumers.

We therefore:

  • Help small, organic, and community farmers get established, secure governmental approvals, and implement all necessary legal and business procedures
  • Assist food companies in creating a successful business and legal infrastructure
  • Help food companies with branding, marketing, funding, and getting their products into market
  • Work with local communities and organizations to create a means to provide affordable food to those in need
  • Work with doctors, educators, non-profit organizations, and others committed to establishing local sources of accessible, sustainable food
  • Provide education, research, and advocacy to build a sustainable, affordable food supply
  • Expand the market of conscious food choices to compete against the monopolization of the food supply by factory farms and industrialized food channels
  • Reduce carbon footprint by facilitating community-based food production
  • Raise awareness so people understand the health concerns of our current food system and the reasons behind the necessity for change
  • Work with professionals, entrepreneurs, and others interested in exploring a better way to provide a healthy, affordable food supply