Detente Detente

Lisa L. Rayburn, Esq. - CEO & Founder

Lisa Rayburn is palpable energy and light. As CEO and Founder of The Dètente Group, she is devoted to making the world a better place, and expanding global consciousness. Lisa believes in doing things a better way, and that if we improve upon how businesses operate, provide education and resources to those in need, and assist humanity as a whole, the world will continue to flourish.

Lisa began her career as a litigation attorney. She was honored to have been recruited during her second year of law school to work at the firm, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, LLP in Orange County, California. She began practicing law in 1999 and quickly became a respected antitrust, intellectual property, and business attorney. In 2003, when Robins Kaplan closed its Orange County office, she declined other large firm positions, and instead joined a boutique firm in Laguna Beach, California. Shortly thereafter she was made a named managing partner of the firm, Davis & Rayburn, APC. For the next 5 years, Lisa continued to represent corporate clients with their business and litigation needs. However, during this time she became increasingly aware that there was something she was "supposed to do," but "what" was not immediately clear. She decided to leave the law firm setting, but continued to practice law independently for select private clients in order to have time to work with various charitable organizations. She knew she wanted to combine her experience as an attorney with her desire to help people, but how to do so took time to develop.

In 2011, Lisa took a sabbatical, spending time at Esalen in Big Sur and at an ashram in India, with the intention of studying spiritual and consciousness practices. She considered giving up the practice of law entirely to focus solely on working for a humanitarian organization. She was offered a full-time position in India, but that didn't feel right. However, it was during her stay in India that she realized, as an attorney, she had the ability and desire to advocate for what she believes are the basic needs of humanity. When she returned to California, everything she learned in India and had experienced in her lifetime began to make sense. She formed The Dètente Group in 2012, an organization that seeks to inform and educate businesses on consciousness, to create a viable future for subsequent generations, and to improve lives and facilitate abundance.

In addition to her work as an attorney and with Dètente, for the past twelve years Lisa has pursued her aspirations of helping philanthropic and humanitarian organizations by serving on the Ambassadors Committee for Orangewood Children's Foundation, supporting Human Rights Watch, and as the Co-Chair of the Development Committee for the Laguna Beach Community Foundation. She has also participated in fundraising for many local and national charities and has been a member of various boards. Lisa believes that a consciousness of giving helps humanity as a whole and she will continue to create philanthropy programs and assist organizations and individuals with their philanthropic needs.

Lisa's current focus is on eradicating the pandemic of starvation and malnourishment that is plaguing our world. As a result, many of her clients are food and beverage companies - businesses with sustainable and eco-conscious products to reduce any damaging carbon footprint - and non-profit organizations and foundations. Lisa is concerned by recent statistics recounting that approximately 30 million people die every year of starvation, most of them children. In the United States alone, one in three children are obese, and one in four do not have access to nutritious food adequate to sustain a healthy life. She finds these statistics not only deplorable, but also preventable. Lisa believes that much of this is the result of additives in our food as well as the reduction of a healthy and choice driven food and water supply.

The company is named Dètente because it means "the easing of all tensions." As Lisa explains: "I don't mind that people don't know how to pronounce the word or what it means. I suppose from a branding perspective traditional voices would say the name isn't viable. However, I love it. It's something innovative that people don't yet understand, but so is global consciousness. This is a new world that must be understood from a perspective we haven't seen yet. It is a really exciting time."

Chelsea O'Callaghan - Senior Editor & Writer

Chelsea O'Callaghan graduated from UC Berkeley in 2000, with a degree in Culture and Literature. As a Feature Reporter for The Daily Cal, the oldest student-run newspaper in the country, she composed controversial articles on the environment and food research. Chelsea has worked for CNN and Condè Nast Publications. In 2013, she earned her Secondary Teaching Credential in English from CSU Long Beach. Chelsea believes in supporting the local economy, fostering accountability for our community and environment, and promoting animal welfare, ecological sustainability, and global beneficence.

Jessie Boyne - Executive Assistant & Researcher

Jessie Boyne graduated from Chapman University in 2005 with a degree in Communication Studies. She has worked for a law firm in Laguna Beach for the past 8 years, facilitating communication between clients and attorneys. As a former athlete in high school and college, Jessie has always believed in living a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet. It wasn't until she had a child in 2010 that she really started researching and learning more about the food choices she was feeding her family. She believes in environmental conservation, and supporting our local growers and farmers to help improve our local economy.

Chris Prendergast - Programming & Integration Engineer

Chris Prendergast is a technical savant, with incomparable experience in both web development and system infrastructure. He has worked for Citrix Online since 2000, masterfully orchestrating the various components of web development and programming to synthesize high-quality products. Chris is both architect and implementer, designing applications that maximize the communications process.